writers’ gym
The Writers’ Gym grew out of the screenwritng classes for the filmmakers at the London FIlm School. Rather than telling writers what to do, I felt it was more useful to play games and do exercises that stimulate creativity and demonstrate useful writing tools and ways of thinking. There are mental muscles that can be developed to enrich your work. This is what the Writers Gym addresses in each session.

Working with students at the London Film School and the DFFB, the course developed a wider repertoire, looking at ways into storytelling from the three keystones; character, plot and theme. I encourage writers to keep notebooks and use them in a fresh way, to challenge their habits and be open to new ideas.

As well as teaching, full time film students, there is a regular evening workshop at the London Film School, an 8 week course in creative screenwriting.

I've been influenced by some of the great teachers of creativity, impro and creative writing and applied their thinking to the particular problems of screenwriters. Writing for cinema has much in common with these older disciplines and we have a lot to learn from them.

The Writers’ Gym is a place to address creative blocks, aiming to help each writer to sniff out the stories they want to tell. It’s a place to experiment with new ways of thinking.

In these years, I myself have learnt so much from the workshops and the experiences of other writers. It still remains a pleasure and an adventure.